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    Gemini (gov creation)

    Henshin Ikeda
    Henshin Ikeda

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    Gemini  (gov creation) Empty Gemini (gov creation)

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:33 pm

    Nation Affiliated:

    Gemini Anti-Terrorist Organization (GATO) or (GATG)

    Back Story:

    The Gemini Anti-Terrorist Group was formed during the rise of the Orb Union. Population formed from earth federation hybrids, and war refugees that were betrayed. There HQ orbits around the sun 24/7, and is impenetrable to normal transport. Under construction within the nebulous sphere is Cerberus, a fortress considered to be the ultimate military deference.

    The nebulous sphere is the main HQ for gemini, and is surrounded by solar shields. The solar shields collect the sunlight from the sun directly which power the spheres main reactors. Gemini has also developed a way to harness the extra solar energy into fuel cells worth there weight in gold on the open market.

    The orb union as signed a ceasefire agreement with gemini in order to further there technological advancements. Gemini eagerly agrees to the ceasefire in order to use the orb union for protection against other factions that would oppose them. The orb union shows no interest in gemini, but has acquired enough support from both side to form a neutral alliance based on a business treaty.

    Gemini would pay orb for protection, and in return allow orn to use there manufacturing facilities in order to make technological advancements. Orb also acquired a few mining facilities within gemini which produce rare ore. This rare ore would later be put into production to create the new mobile dolls.

    Ruling Power:
    Former lieutenant commander Inari Kagutsuchi (aka minister of defense)
    Gemini  (gov creation) _lox_h10

    Kagutsuchi Family Crest:
    Gemini  (gov creation) Holden10

    Earth Controlled Territories:


    Space Controlled territories:

    - Cerberus
    - Nebulous Sphere

    Allied governments & Business Parterres:

    - Orb Union
    - Vident Electronics
    - Mercury Satellite
    - Moons of Neptune (Drae Mercenaries HQ)

    Mobile Suits:

    - Windam
    - XR-Gracer

    Space Ships:

    - Cascade
    - Drachenstein

    Commissioned Officers

    Rear Admiral
    Lieutenant Commander
    Lieutenant Junior Grade

    Non commissioned Officers

    Sergeant Major
    Master Sergeant/Sergeant 1st Class/Sergeant
    Leading Private
    Private 1st Class/Private/Recruit

    Cerberus & Drachenstein:
    Gemini  (gov creation) Altern10

    Gemini  (gov creation) Windam10

    Gemini  (gov creation) Harbin10

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

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