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    Commander Shepard - Continued

    Henshin Ikeda

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    Commander Shepard - Continued

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:27 pm

    This continued RP is based off the admins ME3 play through.

    - Spelling and or grammer may be off (deal with it)

    [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

    [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

    Shepards current position:

    - Former Commander of the alliance military
    (was promoted to the rank of admiral after the reaper conflict was ended) - he took the new position long enough to find Normandy and recreate the former crew.
    - New leader of cerberus
    - Still a full fledged spectre

    Current Abilities & Powers:

    - Assault Training
    - Improved health
    - specialized in: sniper rifle and assault rifle
    - Combat Mastery
    - Advanced Biotic (led to believe his marriage to Liara T'Soni was the cause)
    - element zero

    Continued story:

    After the reaper conflict has ended Shepard is later found half alive where ground zero use to be. The choice he made was the annihilation of the reapers. Garrus Vakarian was the first on scene to find shepard half alive, and with the help of Ashley Williams.

    At the last minute during the reaper conflict the quarians had decided to join in thanks to admiral Tali'Zorah vas Normandy. During the geth conflict shepard had chosen the geth over the quarians, but later on the geth had decided to live in harmony with the quarians on Rannoch after the reaper conflict ended. Tali had hatched a plan of her own to aid shepard right from the start despite his decision to choose the geth (she viewed his actions as an act of kindness).

    Since the Illusive Man was killed by shepard cerberus was now without a leader. Much of the ex-cerberus members which had joined the normady felt it was time for change. With the reaper conflict done with and the Illusive Man dead the former members had decided to reshape cerberus. Shepard was their key candidate who would start cerberus a new.

    David Anderson along with other not forgotten hero's who gave their lives up during the reaper conflict were honored with a special memorial on earth. their names and heroism were placed on a plaque just like the one on the Normandy.

    Javik which was the last Prothean joined cerberus and remand on the Normandy. With luck more life capsules were found within cerberus thanks to their new leader (shepard). The Protheans were reborn a new, and began their journey on reconstructing their empire.

    Cerberus recolonized Helyme(a dead planet where all complex life was wiped out in an unknown cataclysm), and separated themselves from the citadel council. Later within Cerberus the planet Eingana and Ilos were recolonized and added. (Inusannon bodies were found frozen in capsules, and the possibilities of reanimation were limitless).

    The geth within the millions who didn't want to stay on Rannoch joined cerberus. The geth military advantage increased shepards support and fame. (the geth formed a unit called legion and became the new vanguard for cerberus) - The geth refused to join the council on the citadel since they were refused a diplomatic seat.

    Small Krogan factions started to take notice of cerberus and their military power increase. After noticing that the cure for genophage was not working a 2nd rebellion was almost seen coming. Cerberus was quick to respond by integrating the Rachni race permanently into their new society for another military advantage.

    The mass relays were re-developed by the few prothens that were left. By reconstructing the mass relays cerberus could now control trade roots and have a strategic military advantage at their disposal.

    Liara T'Soni remained as the shadow broker, and became a member of cerberus. Her information network grew enough to become the eyes and ears of cerberus. She later married shepard and become known as Liara shepard.

    After the destruction of the Asari home world by the reapers the asari Councilor who was on the council had committed suicide (a sign of redemption). When the Crucible was discovered on Thessia doubt within council on the asari race could be seen. The asari could not be trusted any more and were deemed a threat by a few other races. (the alliance did not consider this a conflict of interest and sat on the side lines not getting involved)- however the asari are few in numbers now

    Current races integrated with Cerberus:

    - Geth
    - Rachni
    - Protheans
    - Thorians
    - Inusannon
    - Human mix

    Family History:

    - Hannah Shepard (Shepards mother)
    - Liara T'Soni (wife)


    - Ashley Williams no longer is considered a spectre (Udinas offer was subject to a hearing after his death when evidence was found that he was apart of Cerberus). Her name was erased from the spectre records and was denied acceptance on a permanent level.

    - Quarians now live in harmony with the geth on their home world. (with a zero percent crime rate)

    - A few million Geth have joined the former Cerberus, and now occupy a few planets outside the councils control.
    (these planets were previously unoccupied by any other race)

    - James Vega was never actually accepted into the N7 program, but instead was drafted into c-sec with a pay upgrade when his alliance military career ended.

    - Garrus Vakarian joined the ranks of Shepards elite new team, and became Shepards 2nd in command.

    - Grunt returned to the Normandy after the reaper conflicted ended. (after he learned the truth behind how Shepard sabotaged the cure). Grunt was offered the title of clan leader after the assassination of Urdnot Wreav.

    - Urdnot Wreav was assassinated for failing to fulfill is promise for the cure for the genophage.

    - Eve (female krogen) was offered a position on the citadel council. (her diplomatic influence grew after the death of Urdnot Wreav). Back on her home world she became a head shaman.

    - Kolyat the son of Thane Krios joins the Normandy in place of his late father. (he is also an expert sniper)

    - Tali'Zorah vas Normandy has retired from being an admiral and has married Garrus Vakarian. (both serve on the Normandy) - and own a nice beach front property on Rannoch

    - Dr. Karin Chakwas discovers the Reconstruction done to Shepard by cerberus has led to him living a longer life span of that of an asari ifnot greater. (his aging has stopped and boitic presence within him has been found)

    - Jeff "Joker" Moreauhas become EDIs domestic partner since it is not legal for them to marry yet. (however on the Normandy and within cerberus they are man and wife)

    - Admiral Hackett along with Steve Cortez do not make it from the reaper conflit and die.

    - Diana Allers becomes a renowned journalist who has covered the reapers conflict till the very end. (and created a memorable story for shepard)

    - Samantha Traynor dies on impact when the Normady crash landed. (she dead with no regret)

    - Dr. Karin Chakwas is now the chief medical officer for cerberus and still serves on the Normandy. (when the Normandy re-creates its old crew shepard gives Dr. Karin Chakwas a bottle of wine)

    - Jacob Taylor is re-enlisted as a cerberus officer, and is granted family benefits since he is now married with a child on the way.

    - Ashley Williams retires from the alliance military before accepting her promotion to commander. She attempted to rejoin the Normandy but after retiring from the alliance and having her spectre status removed permanently she vanished.

    - Aria T'Loak ends up putting the Blue Suns and Eclipse into one faction and becoming their leader. She forms an alliance with cerberus right from the start thanks to shepard and the shadow brokers connections.(she gets very close with shepards wife since they are the same race and deal with the darker issues - but loves the company of shepard more)

    - The truth behind Mordin Solus real death is never reveled to the public however shepard did tell grunt and Garrus Vakarian the truth.

    - The salarian intelligence service known as the League of One becomes indoctrinated into cerberus after the fall of the Salarian Union by the 2nd krogan rebellion.

    - The Special Tasks Group (STG)which is a salarian espionage organization has scattered across the salarian territories.

    - The Batarians and Vorcha races have formed a general alliance for the moment. (after the reaper conflict ended both races were being provoked by other races since they showed no support)- this led to a diplomatic mess which almost landed another war altogether.

    - Turians for the moment are rebuilding their planet, and have continued to alley themselves with the alliance military. (they have also setup up refugee camps on their home world for wondering asari)Their new hierarchy has put the turian race into a heated position in the middle of a possible 2nd krogan rebellion.

    - The Collector have returned however they are no longer connected or controlled by the reapers. (they have yet to decide weather to join cerberus or not with how things are at the present time - however a peace talks are underway)

    - The Yahg race has returned, and have come for pay back in general. (the yahg were unceremoniously barred from interaction with Citadel space after massacring the Council's delegation in 2125 CE.). The knowingly have instigated the 2nd krogan rebellion right after the reaper conflict ended.

    - The Yahg race were over looked by the reapers, and because of that their military strength went on unchallenged. After the reaper conflict ended the yahg stepped into the shadows and became a new threat.

    - The volus race has decided to invoke the rights on the citadel diplomatically. (they have never been invited to join the Council, which is a sore point for many volus individuals)-this was brought on due to the removal of two other council members and the aftermath the reaper conflict left.

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

    [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

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