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    Red Lynx Pirates

    Henshin Ikeda

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    Red Lynx Pirates

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:48 am

    Pirate Crew Name:
    Red Lynx Pirates

    Pirate Ship Name: (眠りを覚ます) Nemuri o samasu

    Part of: Exodus (created by Raveneau D. Vincent)

    Captain Name: (Last/M/First): Raveneau D. Vincent (19)
    - (AKA) Quinn D. Vincent - original name
    - (AKA) Black Southern Cross

    Bounty: Marked as Unknown

    Captains Abilities & Powers:
    Logia devil fruit user - Rau Rau no Mi (rebirth and purification - able to give life back/increasing attack and speed) - very secretive devil fruit
    Logia devil fruit user - Ira Ira no Mi (Aerial Levitation/Aerial Shot/Aerial/Mist Body - transform his body into mist that can move around freely at high speed and teleport. While in this state, all physical and DF attacks are negated)
    Also able to control the air or H20 (including what you breath in)
    HAKI - Kenbunshoku Haki/Busoshoku Haki/Haoshoku Haki (master of all three since birth)
    Rokushiki- Kami-e/Geppo/Rankyaku/Shigan/Soru/Tekkai/Rokuogan (mother taught him)

    Captains Family:
    Father - Unknown
    Mother - Quinn D. Taila (biological mother) (Former CP9 member/Pirate Hunter/Artist) (51) - Alive
    Mother2 - Portgas V. Raven (step mother) (former Baroque Works agent/pirate hunter/Swordsmen) (45) - Alive
    Aunt - Quinn D. Alex (Former Pirate Captain and friend of Gold D. Roger) (43) - Alive
    Sister - Portgas Ango Jean (Pirate currently) 21 - Alive
    Sister - Portgas Killigrew Elizabeth (pirate) 16 - Alive
    Brother - Portgas Raphel Charles (Marine rear admiral/sailor/treasure hunter) (23) - DEAD OR MISSING
    Daughter - Raveneau Grace (12)-alive (adopted)
    Daughter - Raveneau Melody (13)-alive (adopted)

    Red Lynx Secret Police (RLSS):

    Separate unit dedicated in the protection of Black Southern Cross, and all Exodus movements. Highly trained in all forms of Rokushiki, and two forms of HAKI and some members with devil fruit powers. Wearing masks to hide there identities they are only known to few and are all female.

    Captains bio:
    To his family he is called Quinn D. Vincent, on open seas while pirating he is Raveneau D. Vincent so not to disgrace his families name, and later on after becoming a captain and more he was given the name Black Southern Cross. All of his siblings are blood related to him only through there mother, he has a different father which identity has been hidden or for the better part forgotten. Being very close with his family while growing up he made a pledge to one day start something big and that all his siblings would be part of his big plans which they all gladly said yes to in eager support. At current all but his brother had joined his crew later on since his brother went missing while at sea during war times. His older brother had made a pledge when his service was complete and he would return to join the ranks of his little brothers crew. Feeling the loss of his older brother vincent decided to change his views on family and be even more supportive by adopting so he would never be alone or missed. Keeping his brothers hopes and dreams alive as well as his own vincent also wanted his crew members to have there dreams met while on there adventures. Goals in mind like collecting devil fruit and categorizing them while developing new uses for seastone so devil fruit users would have little to fear if caught by the navy or pirate hunters. Vincent still looks for his brother and any info leading up to the disappearance that took place while war was breaking out.

    Captains Collections/Hobbies:

    -Devil fruits of all kinds
    -21 Great Swords (does not own all of them)
    -Pirate flags (from Davy Back Fights)
    -Books from Ohara
    -Treasure Tree Adam

    History About Exodus:

    Exodus is a movement supported by both pirates and Navy alike who do not agree with the Gorosei and Celestial Dragons (The World Nobles ). Run like Cipher Pol from the world government they appear not to even exist at all.
    One goal in mind that Exodus has is to form there own kingdom with there own hierarchy that's opposed to the world government. Raveneau D. Vincent (aka) Quinn D. Vincent (aka) Black Southern Cross who is the leader of the red lynx pirates and Exodus organization has been nominated to be the ruler of this new hierarchy.


    EXODUS FLAG: (warn under the main flag to show allegiance)

    Pirate Ship Name: (眠りを覚ます) Nemuri o samasu

    Captain Raveneau D. Vincent: (at 17)

    Quinn D. Taila

    Portgas V. Raven

    Quinn D. Alex

    Portgas Ango Jean & Portgas Killigrew Elizabeth

    Portgas Raphel Charles

    Red Lynx Secret Police (RLSS):

    Raveneau Grace

    Raveneau Melody

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