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    Bleach Quiz!

    Henshin Ikeda
    Henshin Ikeda

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    Bleach Quiz!

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:14 am

    Please answer each question to the best of your knowledge.

    1.) What is the name of Sōsuke Aizens captain 100 years ago in the 5th Division?

    2.) What was the name of the hollow who was responsible for Masaki Kurosaki death?

    3.) Yammy Riyalgo is an arrancar in sōsuke aizen's army, and what rank does he hold?

    4.) What division did Shinji Hirako belong to in the Gotei 13?

    5.) Shūhei Hisagi is the lieutenant of the 9th Division, what does his tattoo 69 represent or mean?

    6.) What is the name of Hanatarō Yamada Zanpakutō who is from the 4th Division?

    7.) Byakuya Kuchiki uncle belonged to which division in the Gotei 13?

    8.) What is the name of Kōga Kuchiki Zanpakutō?

    9.) Why does Tōshirō Hitsugaya become a soul reaper?

    10.) Tetsuzaemon Iba is the lieutenant of the 7th Division of the Gotei 13, what division and rank did his mother have in the Gotei 13?

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