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    Endo Ibaraki (character profile)

    Henshin Ikeda

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    Endo Ibaraki (character profile)

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Thu Mar 08, 2012 1:35 pm

    Character Name:

    Endo Ibaraki (nickname: KI)

    Endos Hollow form

    Zanpakutō Name:

    Tsukiyomi (A moon god)

    Current position:

    - (Former) Kidō Corps 1st seat officer
    - Member of Central 46 & Commander of the private sector (rank being captain) - records state sector and captain do not exist

    Current Abilities & Powers:

    - Shunpo Expert
    - Hakuda Master
    - Kidō Practitioner
    - Master Swordsmanship Specialist
    - Hollowfication
    - Shikai (Endos Shikai command is "Dance to my convictions")
    - Bankai - when released becomes a dark aura that becomes one with the user. Black mask, dark hair, speed increased as well as strength. (It is considered completely out of the ordinary for any Zanpakutō.)
    - Advance Bankai - Hyakki Yakō (The demons' night parade) releases millions of demons that take the form of fallen Zanpakutōs.

    Side Note:
    Endos Bankai has yet to be defeated or even properly seen by any other soul reaper. Endo has a unique emotional power struggle going on inside himself with is hollowfication combining with his Zanpakutō.
    Endos sword has a secret technique that allows its form to multiple from a single sword to dual swords.

    Family History:

    Born in the Ryōdoji Family which was a Former Noble House (They are now known as The Dark Ones). Mother however was born in the Third Great Noble House which still exists.

    (Currently no siblings and both parents deceased)
    Married to Kaede Ibaraki (Espada)

    Kaede Ibaraki

    Endo Ibaraki story:

    Endos was born into an exiled clan and raised in the 3rd noble house. Never properly joining the academy he managed to pick up advanced soul reaper powers on his own. Later discovering his Zanpakutōs real name and at the same time unleashing his bankai. Tsukiyomi had asked what endo really wanted in life, and all endo could really say was "purpose". Tsukiyomi replied "i'll be your strength so we can find a purpose together". Endo was seen shedding tears that hit one of his double blades, but with a smile of hope on his face. Endo never forgot what Tsukiyomi had said that day, and had made a promise to him that he would never give up on him even if it meant giving up his humanity to make is ideals reality.

    Mastering kido at a fast rate caught the eye of the kido corps. Captain Tessai Tsukabishi and Lieutenant Hachigen Ushōda of the Kidō Corps took notice and recommended endo since they had a vacant officers seat. Having two masters to benefit from endo was able to finish mastering kido and start his captains exam. But the unthinkable had happened and both Captain Tessai Tsukabishi and Lieutenant Hachigen Ushōda went missing. Finding out later from Central 46 what had really happened. Endo not wanting to believe what Central 46 had to say quit the Kidō Corps to further investigate what had really happened.

    Going out on solo missions that were not sanctioned became risky but also improved his abilities. After reaching Hueco Mundo an espada named Kaede approached him but not wanting to fight. Words were exchanged and they became close over time like best friends. Endo losing track of time had asked Kaede what she really wanted in life and was hoping to achieve. Kaede could only reply "to be wanted". Endo felt that it was more then fiat which had brought them together and asked Kaede to come back with him knowing that what they had was against everything the soul society stood for. Kaede said yes without even having to think about it smiling.

    Kaede became Kaede Ibaraki, taking endos last name and becoming his wife. She was able to change her form to appear different just without her hollow mask on. Forgetting the past endo had transferred to Central 46 and became a full high ranking member. He was secretly promoted to a secret sector and made into a Commander which was considered to be a captain unofficially.
    Kaede joined the Onmitsukidō known as the Stealth Force and became a soul reaper. Her identity was never questioned since she was married to a noble who was a high ranking member of Central 46.

    Over time endo had acquired Hollowfication through unknown means. But was able to hide his true form even while under pressure.


    - Tsukiyomis true form was altered when endo gained Hollowfication.
    - Kaede Ibaraki was considered to be a Vasto Lorde among the espada.
    - Endo became a Member of Central 46 to prevent falsified judgment and to better protect others
    - Central 46s private sector falls under the spirit kings jurisdiction and not the captain commanders

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

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