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    Isoshi Senju (character Profile)

    Henshin Ikeda

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    Isoshi Senju (character Profile)

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:06 am

    Character Name:

    Isoshi Senju

    Age: 28

    Village Name:

    - Uzushiogakure (Land of Whirlpools) - born
    - Village Hidden under the Moon (Tsukigakure)


    - Senju Clan
    - Uzumaki Clan
    - Uchiha Clan
    - Village Hidden under the Moon
    - Genesis (Like Anbu)

    Isoshi Senju story:

    Isoshi was born and raised in Uzushiogakure (Land of Whirlpools) before its destruction. Having no siblings his childhood was rough, but managed to learn rare techniques at a mature level. At 6 he graduated from a local ninja academy with high marks in all areas of specialty. After graduating he became eligible for traveling abroad for 8 years. Visiting many cities and villages making a name for himself before attempting the Chūnin & Jōnin Exams. To isoshis surprise he was awarded the title of Tokubetsu Jōnin, and given the right to study advance techniques under who ever he wanted to study under. With such a great honor he immediately requested to study under the top Medical-nin to better prepare himself for future injuries, Soft Physique Modification, Temporary Paralysis Technique, and Kekkei Genkai removal and implantation. Finished his studies at a fast rate, and was honored with another rank advancement before the destruction of the uzamcki clan.
    Became a missing -nin and wondered the nation till the Village Hidden under the Moon had taken him in and made him apart of there ranks. Formed a group within the village hidden under the moon called Genesis. Genesis was military assault group responsible for hunting down missing -nin, village security & safety, ninja recruitment, defense modification, and more. Isoshi later fell in love with Tsukino, and felt that he must repay her kindness for accepting him into her village and life.


    - Isoshi wishes to make Tsukigakure the 6 great ninja village so that Tsukino can become a kage.
    - Isoshi controls 4/5 great ninja nations Courier Ninja service.
    - Isoshi dream after making Tsukino a kage is to bring back Uzushiogakure (Land of Whirlpools) village back to normal and to reclaim his heritage.
    - Friends/Allies with the land of sound
    - Genesis is currently located in Getsugakure
    - Isoshi is considered a sannin but feels since his clan/village has been destroyed and he has yet to do anything really legendary has reduced his title back to Tokubetsu Jōnin till his clan/village has been revived.

    Current position:

    - Leader of Genesis
    - Hunter-nin Corps also known as the Corpse Processing Team
    - former: missing -nin or rogue
    - former: Medical-nin) specialty regenerating

    Current Rank:

    Sannin (Kage-level ninja)

    Self reduced rank back to: Tokubetsu Jōnin

    Current Abilities & Powers:

    - Body Flicker Technique
    - Shadow Seal: Release
    - Body Binding
    - Chidori-Rasengan
    - Magen: Kyōten Chiten
    - Chibiku Tensei
    - Inyu Shometsu:healing jutsu
    - Edo Tensei
    - Space time migration
    - Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
    - Space–Time Barrier
    - Flying Thunder God Technique
    - Eight Trigrams Sealing Style
    - Four Symbols Seal
    - Uzumaki Sealing Technique
    - Izanagi

    Known jutsu:

    - fūinjutsu
    - dōjutsu & Kekkei Tōta Master
    - Ninjutsu
    - Genjutsu
    - Taijutsu practitioner
    - (Collaboration Jutsu )
    - Juinjutsu
    - Kenjutsu
    - Kinjutsu
    - Senjutsu
    - Shurikenjutsu
    - Space–Time Ninjutsu

    Kekkei Genkai:

    - Dark Release
    - Rinnegan
    - Shikotsumyaku
    - Swift Release
    - Crystal Release
    - Blaze Release
    - Steel Release
    - Dust Release
    - Wood Release

    Side Note:

    Kinjutsu are techniques that have been banned from being taught or used. Isoshi collects various techniques and jutsus, and experiments with different Kekkei Genkai bloodline users. Spends most of his time eliminating ninjas who have stolen Kekkei Genkais from his own bloodline and others. Isoshis bloodline is very difficult to explain since he is blood related to both brothers that were the sons of the Sage of the Six Paths.

    Family History:

    - Mother: Tōka Senju (deceased)
    - Father: (unknown)
    - Grandfather: Daitarou Uzumaki (deceased)
    - Grandfather: Hikaku Uchiha (deceased at 25)
    - Grandmother: Shina Kaguya (Deceased)
    - Girlfriend : Tsukino (Alive)

    Hikaku Uchiha

    Tōka Senju


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    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

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    Henshin Ikeda

    Posts : 2403
    Join date : 2012-01-23
    Age : 32
    Location : Pittsburgh, PA

    Re: Isoshi Senju (character Profile)

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Fri May 04, 2012 9:26 am

    Special added side notes:

    - Isoshi obtained sage mode in Ryūchi Cave from the White Snake Sage.
    - Isoshi is a Jinchūriki, and controls the Zero-Tails.
    - The zero-tails isn't a noh masked leech-like spirit sealed within the Land of the Sky. In short the zero-tails is a wolf like spirit that has a tail but since its body is shadow like you can never truly see it.
    - Isoshi is the only known user who has successfully inherited different bloodlines which has allowed his eyes to transform. (his eyes are unique & extremely rare)
    - The collar on the Zero Tails Jinchūriki is said to be a gift from the sage of the six paths.
    - The Zero Tails Jinchūriki is very content with remaining a pacifist even after being granted freedom from Isoshi. Instead the Zero Tails Jinchūriki willingly combines all known power to Isoshi permanently.
    - Isoshi personally designed his own headband after forming Genesis.

    Zero Tails Jinchūriki

    Isoshis special eyes transformation:

    Genesis head band

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

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