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    Gundam Revolution

    Henshin Ikeda
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    Gundam Revolution Empty Gundam Revolution

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:16 am

    Game Title:
    Gundam Revolution

    Gundam Revolution Gundam10

    Basic Walkthrough:

    Gundam Revolution takes place in a random port either on earth, space colony, or planet when you first log into the main lobby. You are given a choice to pick a cosmic era to play in, and after deciding which cosmic era you have more options. Options such as which faction or organization to alley with. However if you disagree with all groups given you can always play the mercenary and play free style to your own hearts content. Building your character up, buying, selling, and steeling parts to upgrade your mobile suit. Look on the bright side if you work solo there are no rules and of course other factions and groups can always make you an offer later on since your a free agent. But remember choose wisely because every choice you make helps define your character and every wrong decision comes with penalties.

    If you decide to enlist your given the choice of choosing a 2nd profession when your not on the battle field completing missions. Profession such as cook, navigator, doctor, just to name a few. These profession help you earn money on the side if your in need of money to buy parts outside the military or for future projects. If your free styling this game and have not chosen a side then having a profession is your best bet on easy cash flow. Of course you do get bonuses for having professions.

    Your character can dress however you choose, but be very mindful when behind enemy lines. It is tradition to wear your military uniform and pilots gear when you enter a military ship that you serve under and when your engaged during battle. There are no levels to gain for your character, but there are traditional military ranks, titles earned, and awards given for services rendered and accomplishments shown in the line of duty.

    Gundam Revolution is setup with voice recognition software which allows you the options to be able to speak with your AIs offline and online with extreme realism being added like if it was real time. Your AIs remember every conversation and are setup to appear life like. However if you choose to shut off this option that is another choice available.

    Through out the game you will have multiple offers from all sides to join there cause. After you decide you still have the option of becoming a trader and switching sides however by doing so to many times can cause your loyalty to shrink till your character is arrested.

    Your character in the game has there own identity which becomes yours permanently. You may only have 1 account per user unless your character retires in the game, captured, arrested, defeated to many times. During war time skirmishes if you attempt a coup d'état and fail you will be arrested if caught or killed in battle and your account will restart all over again. If you are successful in the coup d'état and have enough supporters you will be able to form your own faction. However by forming a new faction you must either eliminate all of the former opposing members that still exist before they have a chance to retaliate or combine forces with other factions.

    Product Details:

    At the brink of annihilation, one of the Earth Federal Forces are mobilizing to launch a massive counter assault against the occupying forces. Now, it is time to choose your side! Join one of the Federal Armies from the cosmic era to repel the invaders from the Earth or pledge your alliance to an opposing faction and claim the Earth to free humanity from the Earth's gravity!

    Powered by the current console/PC entertainment system, Gundam Revolution throws you into the midst of futuristic war zones brought to life in ultra realistic graphics. The call for arms has been made! Create your own mobile pilot and mobile suit, strategize your next moves and battle side by side with other mobile pilots and AIs.

    * Live the war of the future: Witness the high-definition CG quality graphics reanimate the world around you! Powered by the the next gen console and playable on PC, Gundam Revolution lets you immerse yourself in futuristic war zones across the globe, ultra realistically brought to life!

    * Choose your side to fight for! Weather your a mercenary for higher, an officer for a current ruling faction experience the war from any side!

    * Command your Mobile Suit and Squad: Be the squad leader or a follower of either The Earth Federation Forc, The Zeon Forces, and any other force throughout the all the gundam seasons to command your own MS squad. Strategize your plan of attack prior to the engagement and give orders to your MS squad under rapidly changing battle circumstances. You can order them to attack, halt, gather, scatter, dash to the front, barrage and more! You will be given many types of missions that require strategies and tactics.

    * In free mode you can take your saved content from your current file and play offline in any campaign or mission. This has bin setup so if online play is not your thing then offline is always available and with co-op enabled. You can even start on new content in the game if you prefer offline mode vs online mode.

    * Once you pick a side the cosmic era will adjust so apposing factions match the anime series you are trying to follow. This allows you the chance to blend into the anime serious by recreating the outcome based on your actions and the results chosen.

    * Realistic location specific destruction physics: Each body part of a mobile suit has its own unique durability. Target specific parts of an enemy mobile suit for various types of damaging effects! Destroy hands, arms, legs and heads for different results!

    * Upgrade and Customize your Mobile Suits! Accomplish your mission objectives to claim achievement points! Use your achievement points carefully to strategically upgrade and customize your MS! You can reinforce its armor, upgrade its weapon, strengthen its attack power and more! There are over 1,000s of mobile suits for you to control!

    * Design your on character with no limits: eye color, hair color, blood type, height, weight, tattoos, piercings, scars, and much more! Are you related to a character from the anime series or maybe share the same traits like being a coordinator or X-Rounder. If you can't decide on a look then click randomize which will allocate you with a character from millions of possibilities!

    * Live where ever you want or save up and buy a building or rel-estate. Buy or make a storage building for your MBs. Choose weather to camouflage a building, setup up extra security, or hire extra protection.

    * Re-educate yourself and sign up for extra military training at a military academy of your choice. Step into the fast track and become an ensign and upgrade your private rank for better pay and more experience points with access to more content. (by going to a military academy you throw your private rank away and become a cadet till graduation)

    * New content is always being added with new gundam anime releases. Meaning new characters, ships, mobile suits, and much more...

    * Pick fights with who ever you want by any means possible. Insult someone in open conversation or simply just be a sarcastic rookie that you are.

    * Romance in the game is not limited and is always being updated. Choose to go out on a date or engage in some fun activities like would in real life. Visit theme parks, movies, museums, lectures, you name it.

    * weather is real time and is always changing.

    * Real Modern-Day Setting - Players can live out real-world piloting within rich cosmic era settings such as Aprilius One Space Colony, Mendel colony, Daedalus lunar base, Heaven's Base, and more. (or just be tourist on vacation) or (pose as a tourist and spy)

    Game Details:

    * Content Download - yes

    * Co-op Mode - Online co-op 2 - 4

    * Leaderboards - yes

    * Number of Online Players - Online multiplayer 2 - 4

    * Number of Online Players arena battles - 50 per each side

    * Sound - Dolby Digital

    * Voice - yes (original gundam series voice actors)

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