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    Orb Union Returns (gov creation)

    Henshin Ikeda
    Henshin Ikeda

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    Orb Union Returns (gov creation)

    Post by Henshin Ikeda on Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:05 am

    Nation Affiliated:

    United Emirates of Orb (Orb Union)- HQ

    Back Story:

    When the Treaty of Junius was signed, the national boundaries of Orb were restored to their pre-war state. Smaller nations started to take personal interest in orbs military strength and annexed there own sovereigns to join with orb.

    Mass production of mobile suits were being built at various bases through out orb. Whats different about these mobile suits is that they can be piloted on there own and are called EMDs (Elite Mobile Dolls). Meant to increase the number of mobile suit pilots and to decrease the chances of loss of human life.

    Although keeping neutral is orbs prime objective expanding there civilization and technology seem to be there new goal. Putting together multiple peacekeeping armadas called Harbingers. Combining both naturals & Coordinators alike to create hybrid humans of the next generation.

    Spirit of Orb

    Battle of Orb

    Ruling Noble Family:

    Kikuchi royal family

    Kikuchi Royal Family Crest:

    Kaiser (chief representative):

    Oshiro Kikuchi


    - Kingdom of Scandinavia
    - Oceania Union
    - Equatorial Union
    - Mutineers of ZAFT
    - Mutineers of the earth federation

    Earth Controlled Territories:

    - New Zealand
    - Australia
    - Papua New Guinea
    - Hawaii
    - Guam
    - Taiwan
    - Indonesia
    - Philippines
    - All Islands located in the Australia Oceania
    - Antarctica
    - Malaysia
    - Singapore

    Space Controlled territories:

    - Arbitros Space Station
    - Cluster 48
    - Dedric Lunear Station
    - Haraoh Planet Base
    - Hyc moon Base
    - Kalim Space Base
    - Liberty Arc Space Base
    - Markova Asteroid Base
    - Marrekie Forward Base
    - RCB HUB Relay Station
    - Tanji Space Outpost

    Annexed Powers by Orb Union:

    - Republic of East Asia
    - Eurasian Federation
    - South Africa Union

    Commissioned Officers

    Rear Admiral
    Lieutenant Commander
    Lieutenant Junior Grade

    Non commissioned Officers

    Sergeant Major
    Master Sergeant/Sergeant 1st Class/Sergeant
    Leading Private
    Private 1st Class/Private/Recruit

    Orb Union Pilot Uniforms:

    Military Police Mobile Suit:

    Ships & Bases:

    Elite OU (Orb Union) Battle Group

    Vengence Dreadnought

    Haraoh Destroyers Battle Group

    Iskatu Battleship

    Forward Unto Dawn Battleship

    Maeda Battlecruiser

    Arbitros space station

    Dedric Lunar Station

    Disadent Factory Ship

    XR Hydra Fighter

    FTYE Frigate

    Liberty Arc Space Base

    Hyc Moon Base

    Cluster 48

    Markova Asteroid Base

    Kalim Space Base

    The Sovereign (Dreadnought Class)

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

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